Friday, April 22, 2016

Myth-Information: The Lost Issue

Some time ago, I posted a lot of art I did for the MYTH ADVENTURES (from the novels by the late Robert Asprin) fan club zine, MYTH INFORMATION. Going thru the vast piles of junk that passes for a filing system, I ran across this issue which I thought I had lost. In a way, this is the most special issue I had contributed to, for it was double-sized, and Brin and Kevin let me have several pages doing fan-based art of the recently-published MYTH-NOMERS and IM-PERVECTIONS. Here is all my art from that issue in its (technincal) glory. (Text segments were written by the lovely "Ms. Mythfit", Brin-Marie Landerman) This is also the issue that finally got me interested enough to finally start attending conventions, which brang a lot of needed happiness into my life.

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