Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dig This!

The website for Boston's THE WEEKLY DIG is doing a new sunday feature called THE SUNDAY COMICS PROJECT and they've accepted me as a contributor! This is my debut panel from 02/21/2011. This will give me an opportunity to develop new stuff as well as use previously unpublished material. (some you've seen in this blog already)
You can other cartoonist's work as well at

For Art's Sake: Two Types of Cons

Published in THE COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE #1675..I actually forgot to post this one last month! When I used to be able to go to the Comic-Con International convention in San Diego, It went from BIG to MASSIVE in the space of those years, enough to actually have them expand the already humungous convention hall!(The yearly convention IS a big source of money for the city!) The thing is STILL growing to the point where the membership tickets sell out DAYS after they're put up for sale (AND THAT'S LIKE AT LEAST SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE!! I was wondering if there could be any alternatived to those that couldn't get a ticket or even afford then travel...But then again, I wouldn't be surprized if the powers that be would find some way to shoot that down!

Office Monster-I'm Sure Many Of You Know One

There's a website called which is basically a listing of designing jobs from different companies. Artists choose from whatever jobs they're interested in, do up a submission, the companies go thru the submissions, choose the one the like best, and then pay the artist. (Rates are listed for each job as well.)
One recent offering was from a company who wanted an office-themed monster as their corporate mascot. This is what I came up with. Didn't win, but it was kinda fun..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Art's Sake: Well, It Ain't Exactly Peter Pan...

Published in THE COMICS BUYERS GUIDE # 1676: Is there much difference between Vegas, Broadway, and comics these days? Since I do these strips about two months ahead of publication,I was still wondering if the SPIDER-MAN play would still even be running, considering the problems it's had..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Salem News: School Food

Published in the SALEM NEWS (MA) 02/17/2011.
Apparently the local schools think that kids will change their eating habits purely by only making healhty foods available during school..
Kids CAN be stubborn, though, and if anything, at least, they're also learning they have to wait all thru the school day to get something to eat that tastes good!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salem News: "T"-Shirts

Published in THE SALEM NEWS 02/10/2011;
My Editor, Nelson K. Benton, caome up with this concept and I did the writing/drawing for the final version. The Massachusetts MBTA public transport system actually wants to self-promote itself via souvenirs and merchandise..Given the "T";s rather spotty record for service, cost problems,The ever-delayed building of a new depot for Salem, as well as Boston's infamous "BIG DIG" project, well...heh..Too bad i couldn't fit in a "Sorry, Charlie Card" into this thing somehow..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy(?) Groundhog's Day

Published in THE SALEM NEWS 02/02/2011. Somehow I doubt ANYONE relishes the prospect of six more weeks like this..