Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Salem News: Halloween Security

 In order to prevent the chance of what happened on Boston, Salem is increasing security for Halloween, including 200+ police officers, extra cameras, and yes, even air patrols. (My cartoon as published in the 10/30/2013 SALEM NEWS)

Dog Eating A Cheese Sandwich

 Quick, silly sketch in response to a FACEBOOK post.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Dapper Mare

 B-day card I drew up for cartoonist extraordinaire  BATTON LASH, Best known for his comic
SUPERNATURAL LAW (AKA WOLF AND BYRD; COUNSELLORS OF THE MACABRE) And writer of many gems such as ARCHIE METS THE PUNISHER and Bongo Comics' RADIOACTIVE MAN Batton also has a very high sense of fashion style- he's probably one of the few- (if any) people at a comic-con that actually wear a tie. (*shudders*)  Batton is also working on a new series called THE DAPPER MAN, and I wondered how an idea like that would turn if Batton was into funny animals? I based the design from a photo of Batton, and so, for your satorial splendor..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recent Rejects

 The SALEM NEWS doesn't publish everything I submit. My editor may refuse to publish a cartoon for one reason or another. Here are some recent ones that never saw print.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Salem News: Sox to the Series

 If you're following the Boston Red Sox, this one is pretty much self-explanatory. My SALEM NEWS cartoon published 10/23/2013.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salem News: No Room At The Inn

 My cartoon from the 10/22/2013 SALEM NEWS: With colder weather approaching, LIFEBRIDGE, the city's independently run "Transitional Services" building (Read: 'Homeless Shelter") announced it will no longer be accepting excess clientel or "walk-ins". (and yes, the wording on the sign is EXACTLY what's posted on the wall of the shelter)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Salem News: Business Expansion

 Salem's restaurant businesses are expanding. Originally published in the 10/09/2013 SALEM NEWS. I realize this was close to a week ago, but I was attending the NEW YORK COMIC CON and couldn't post this until now.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Salem News: Dealing With the Shutdown

Originally published in the 10/08/2013 SALEM NEWS. The Government Shutdown effects Salem -to a degree..

Jay Fosgitt's BODIE TROLL

Fan art I did of JAY FOSGITT'S Creation BODIE TROLL. Since Jay is also a fellow Muppet fan, I decided to add SAM AND FRIENDS character YORICK. YORICK was also the inspiration for the character "Death" in Jay's other great creation, DEAD DUCK. Jay is a VERY prolific and hilarious artist of Muppets, Superheroes, and tons of other pop culture and you can check out his work at

Friday, October 4, 2013

Showing Them the Door..

To my knowledge, this concept sketch came THIS CLOSE to becoming reality.
 When PALISADES was producing its MUPPET SHOW figures, designer KEN KILY was posting on the forums asking fans for suggestions for figure 'pack-ins"(accessories) and that they were having a little problem figuring out something for Scooter, aside from the obvious clipboard and skateboard. I drew up/emailed this concept sketch based on Scooter's "cold openings", in which Scooter would stick his head into the dressing room door and announce "15 seconds to curtain" , basically a plastic doorframe on a base that can be used to display the Scooter figure. Ken liked it, and it was considered, but it turned out that given the size of the door, they couldn't make it work with the packaging they chose for the line, and it might actually be incompatible with plans to produce an actual backstage playset, so my idea had to be scrapped. Ken DID send me some free limited-edition swag for my trouble, though. A promotional Kermit figure (with coffee mug) in a lunchbox, and a Doctor Teeth painted variant . (which is STILL in its original packaging to this day)

Muppetfest Autographs

Ah, happy "improvised" Muppet Performers autograph page from the 'Meet and Greet" at MUPPETFEST (Dec. 2001) (The sketch of Beaker I did.. Everything else THEY did!)