Tuesday, November 24, 2009


From the Salem (MA) News. The High School Principal in our neighboring city of Danvers has threatened to suspend any student caught saying the word "MEEP" claiming disruption. As if kids wouldn't be able to come up with alternative methods-as well as saying WORSE things in school than they are ALREADY..The story even made national news, and brought more embarassment than anything else..Check the archives at www.salemnews.com for the full story.

Disney Buys Marvel-The Inevitable

From my FOR ART'S SAKE strip at THE COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE. The recent news of Marvel Entertainment being bought by Disney and my fondness for lame puns whipped up this little installement. While wondering what kind of superhero merchandise would be prouduced by the House of Mouse? I figured, why not the classic route?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Attention Grabbers

From the October COMIC BUYER'S GUIDE. Is it me, or are comic books looking more like MAXIM every day?

'Twas the Season

This one was just published, and i have to say I kinda like the way this turned out.I think this perfectly captures the spirit of Salem AFTER Halloween.

October SALEM NEWS Cartoons

Cartoons published in THE SALEM NEWS during the Halloween season.