Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fashionably Late St. Pats Themed Strip

This ran in the BOSTON WEEKLY DIG'S SUNDAY COMICS PROJECT website a couple-so weeks ago...Maybe not timely. but still, there's booze.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Art's Sake: Airport Security

My FOR ART'S SAKE STRIP published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1677,March 2011.
If Comic-book based Technologies truly existed, imagine how they could have benefitted real-life national security situations..Or perhaps not...

Salem News: Twisting the Rules

Published by THE SALEM (MA) NEWS 03/19/2011. A major outrage happened when during a meeting of the City Council, The fellow here, Steve Pinto, invoked a little-used council rule that basically prevented THE MAYOR OF THE CITY from speaking or having any say whatsoever during/towards the outcome of the meeting.. That Mr. Pinto is politically opposed to Mayor Driscoll on some issues should come as no surprize.
Giving one person enough power to basically stifle ANY opposition or dissent-ESPECIALLY if it may effect the citizens is NOT a good idea. Steps to prevent that in the futire are going to be considered. (But will they be PASSED?)

Salem News: EE!! BOOKS!!

Published by THE SALEM (MA) NEWS 03/10/2011.
This was actually drawn to accompany an article about how E-books, Kindles and such may change the way we use some expressions..For example, "Throw the E-Book at him," 'E-Book him, Dano" , "You can't judge an E-Book by its cover", You get the idea. And of courdse, it adds a spin on the same old controversies..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Salem News: No Parking

Published in the SALEM (MA) NEWS 03/05/2010.
Here's a bizarre little problem...Where are you going to go after you're gone?