Friday, October 15, 2010

Salem News: Psychic Zoning

Published in THE SALEM NEWS 10/15/2010:
This cartoon was based on an SALEM NEWS article about the city's proliferation of Psychic readers(fortune tellers,etc.) after certain restrictions to allowing these business were removed. It also seemed to me that if anyone can start such a business with simply just filling out a license and paying a fee, maybe some more controversial enterprises that have had trouble setting up in Salem might use this little loophole to get around it by simply combining services..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Art's Sake: Making A Killing

Published in COMICS BUYERS GUIDE #1672 (Now on Sale)
Personally, I find this trend disturbing.From the original vote to "murder" Jason Todd, even to making a big deal over Wonder Woman KILLING someone..This is ONE reason why I hardly LOOK at most mainstream any more..I'm not against action and drama, but to PUBLICIZE things like this? We really haven't gotten past enjoying watching people get thrown to the lions, are we?

Yeah, I know..rave, rave, rant, rant..and nothing I say will make a damn bit of difference.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Austin: The Original Puppet Version

If you've seen my earlier posts of my series of MA KABRE comic strips, you may remember I mention that the character of Austin the Bat was based on a puppet I had made several years back. The puppet no longer exists, but I did run across a old photo slide, which I enlarged thru my scanner. Forgive me for the quality, but this may be the only example of Austin in his orginal puppet form.

Salem News: Question Three

Printed in THE SALEM NEWS 10/02/2010

Question Three is a proposal to reduce the Massachusetts sales tax from its current level to around 3.55%. Needless to say, there is a lot of debate about that. The NEWS actually used this cartoon in an editorial by Citizens For Limited Taxation Head Barbara Anderson. Note I decided to do a "classical" take.