Friday, October 4, 2013

Showing Them the Door..

To my knowledge, this concept sketch came THIS CLOSE to becoming reality.
 When PALISADES was producing its MUPPET SHOW figures, designer KEN KILY was posting on the forums asking fans for suggestions for figure 'pack-ins"(accessories) and that they were having a little problem figuring out something for Scooter, aside from the obvious clipboard and skateboard. I drew up/emailed this concept sketch based on Scooter's "cold openings", in which Scooter would stick his head into the dressing room door and announce "15 seconds to curtain" , basically a plastic doorframe on a base that can be used to display the Scooter figure. Ken liked it, and it was considered, but it turned out that given the size of the door, they couldn't make it work with the packaging they chose for the line, and it might actually be incompatible with plans to produce an actual backstage playset, so my idea had to be scrapped. Ken DID send me some free limited-edition swag for my trouble, though. A promotional Kermit figure (with coffee mug) in a lunchbox, and a Doctor Teeth painted variant . (which is STILL in its original packaging to this day)

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