Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Dapper Mare

 B-day card I drew up for cartoonist extraordinaire  BATTON LASH, Best known for his comic
SUPERNATURAL LAW (AKA WOLF AND BYRD; COUNSELLORS OF THE MACABRE) And writer of many gems such as ARCHIE METS THE PUNISHER and Bongo Comics' RADIOACTIVE MAN Batton also has a very high sense of fashion style- he's probably one of the few- (if any) people at a comic-con that actually wear a tie. (*shudders*)  Batton is also working on a new series called THE DAPPER MAN, and I wondered how an idea like that would turn if Batton was into funny animals? I based the design from a photo of Batton, and so, for your satorial splendor..

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