Friday, April 1, 2016


TOUGHPIGS, the major Muppet fansite I do art for, did an April Fool's day promotion in which the website was turned into a parody promotional piece about UP LATE WITH MISS PIGGY, the show-within-a-show featured on ABC's THE MUPPETS. Several members contributed articles, and I came up with this new artwork:
This is the original drawing for the logo. I did have to shrink things down a bit as well as get rid of the background due to space issues for the final version, but except for the font graphics that Joe Hennes added  (based on the show's UP LATE logo) This is pretty much how it appeared.

I also had to come up with several new icons for the sidebar categories. The images had to be heavily reduced for the site, but these files give you a better idea of how they looked in their original size. I had to keep the designs and colors a bit simpler than I usually do due to the reductions.

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