Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Salem News: NIMBY

Published 06/09/2010: Last week, out of the blue, an announcement was made that a former furniture store on Canal Street was being planned to be made into a Methadone clinic, where recovering heroin addicts could go for doses of the drug to ease their cravings. This did NOT sit well with the residents of South Salem, were the proposed clinic is located. Salem, like many other cities, is known as a "Shelter Town" and often has- what's the PC term?- transients congregating around town and sadly, on occasion, being disruptive.
That, plus the fact that the Canal Street location is an often congested traffic area,next to a small shopping plaza, gas stations, fast food joints, and that canal is NOT on a public transporation route, meaning that the clinic's patients will have to walk thru the residential neighborhoods nearby to get to the place-it is NOT sitting well with the neighbors, who already have to cope with the Salem State College students on top of that..bacisally, it has cused a major uproar, with many people worried that the people who use the clinic will try to rob their houses, urinate in their lawns, harass their children, hang around the shops ..The fact that there have been many reports of hypodermic needles being found around the city lately hasn't helped either. A public hearing is scheduled for later this month.

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