Friday, June 18, 2010

Salem News: More Fees

Published 06/18/2010: The Peabody School Commitee voted to TRIPLE student school bus fees starting the following school year..That could work out to be about $300 per child-and since it's the FAMILY that pays..This was kinda comparable to The BEVERLY School Committee, which is now requesting that every student have his own laptop-but not just ANY laptop- it has to STRICTLY run on an APPLE system, so kids/families that DON'T have that apple-based laptop have to shell out $900 for EACH laptop themselves just to meet school requirements...
it costs so much to send 'em to public school, might as WELL send them to private.. at least everything's included, and they stand a chance at getting a better education! Seems the more taxes we pay, the less we get (and the more THEY get into their own pockets!)

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