Saturday, March 13, 2010


I drew this for this past Friday's edition of the SALEM (MA) News. seems in order to raise fundslost to budget cuts one Peabody school is selling ice cream "A La Carte". But unfortunately this goes against the city school administration's plans to sell strictly HEALTHY foods due to the high rate of obesity amogst children.As you see, there's been a lot of outrage and many people think it's a dumb idea..Hence the use of an ice-cream cone as a dunce-cap...
All well and good, but I hope that the parents are monitoring the eating habits of their own kids and not expecting the schools to do all the work. Another thing they can do is keep their kids from going to fast-food joints and convenience stores AFTER school, where they're more likely to gorge themselves because they'll be so hungry from refusing the healthy stuff the school sells!

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