Friday, March 12, 2010

The Censor!!

Again, I'm not really sure how this one came about..At one point in my CBG FOR ART'S SAKE strips, I wanted to showcase the fact that Art WAS supposed to be a cartoonist and what kind of stuff he worked on, So I decided to try a strip-within a strip bit, much like LI'L ABNER did with FEARLESS FOSDICK (Google that, folks!) Though this would be more an original piece than a parody.
There have always been killjoys and blowhards in real life that seem to have nothing better to do than force their ideas on people who are simply minding their own business. I've encountered a few of those in real life, and plus their were the more newsworthy incidents thru the years..Anyone remember the televangelist scandals?
(Back to Google!) Folks who actually have power and influence that use it to enforce their "Do as I SAY, not as I DO" philosophies..
I guessed I was pretty pissed at one point to come up with this..I drew up a bloated figure with a huge turned-up nose..all the better to look down people on..and dressed him like a TV preacher..I decided to NOT use dialogue in the strip in order to emphasize the lenghths he would go to to force his will on others, rather than simply pontifcating. And I wanted him to suffer the consenquences of his actions. No Sympathy.
When I looked at the final results, I guess I may have been influenced by the great Antonio Phroias' SPY vs.SPY strips for MAD Magazine. But instead of one Spy victimizing the other, This guy would victimize himself..
As for the inking, I was inspired by a strip called CARMEN CRU from a French magazine called FLUIDE GLACIAL (Some of the strips were published in the US under the name FRENCH ICE) about VERY crotchety old woman And the inking had a very tonal look-almost like Walt Kelly, but with a pen instead of a brush..I think I may have overdid, though..Sometimes it's just too easy to do too much...
The first two strips were published in THE COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE, But they upset my editor (The lovely MAGGIE THOMPSON) so much I consented her request to not publish the others-Ironically,a bit of SELF-censoring? But then again, standing up for your rights doesn't mean you should be inconsiderate of others..

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