Tuesday, March 31, 2015


One  comic I stumbled on while glancing  thru of all things, THE JAPAN TIMES a couple years back, was a delightful weekly feature called ZERO GRAVITY, chronicalling the misadventures of Larry and Lilly, an american married couple living in Japan, dealing with the culture, food, and living. The strip is written and drawn by a very talented cartoonist named Roger Dahl, who also does Japan-based editorial cartoons for TJT as well as his regular strip. Roger has finally put out a collection of over 300 of his cartoons in a new book titled COMIC JAPAN. The book is excellent and I highly recommend it. You can order it thru Amazon, or check out the latest cartoons plus archives at the JAPAN TIMES website. The drawing below is my take on Roger's main characters, Larry and Lilly, and the older woman with then is their elderly neighbor JUNKO KOYAMA. You can also check out Roger's Japan Times cartoons and other works at http://www.dahlcartoons.com

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