Tuesday, November 4, 2014

For Art's Sake: KABOOM Part1

Back in 1993, I contributed (along with some other COMICS BUYERS GUIDE cartoonists) to a comics newspaper called "KABOOM!" (no relation to BOOM Studios) I decided to try my FOR ART'S SAKE characters in situations outside the norm of my COMICS BUYERS GUIDE material and drew up three two page strips, which were reformatted to fill three TABLOID-sized pages. I also tried to go for more detailed artwork (apparently my inking at the time was going thru a period of trying to combine Walt Kelly with Gilbert Shelton) KABOOM only lasted one issue, but it was a thrill seeing my strip take up three entire HUGE pages. The strip below is the first of the three. For posting purposes, this is in its original drawn two-page format.

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