Thursday, October 23, 2014

Salem News: Recycle Your Butt

I have doubts that I should have submitted this one, and frankly, I'm amazed they published it. Salem is going to set up a hundred of the cabinets pictured below, and frankly, they come off as little more than politically correct ashtrays to me. Most likely people will still prefer to pop them down the gutter or with the other generic trash. I went thru a number of concepts in my head, (including a "recycling butts' gag that would have NEVER fit inside a family newspaper) but I'm still wondering if I should have sent nothing at all rather than this heavyhanded preaching you see here. A good cartoon should be subtle and clever, not outright moralizing. (Maybe I should recycle this cartoon.) From the 10/23/2014 SALEM NEWS.

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