Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lost Muppets Fan Project: Muppetfest Paperweights

 Here's a Muppet fan project I was involved in several years back that I never really mentioned. (until now) A few months after MUPPETFEST I was contacted by a lady named Lori Champange who ran a business that manufactures thropies, plaques,and other related things. She had been at Muppetfest and she told me as a "thank-you" to the Muppet people, she wanted to make them custom-made glass paperweights and she wanted me to draw the designs for them. Egotistical me was flattered enough to draw up a number of designs- some meant for specific performers, some more generic ones for others- and she etched my designs into the paperweights WITH HER OWN MATERIALS AND AT HER OWN EXPENSE. I'm not sure how she got them to the Muppet people. (I think she presented them to one of the Hensons at a comic-con) But we got some nice feedback from Dave Goelz, Karen Prell, Jerry Nelson, and Jim Lewis.
The pics below are the drawn versions of the designs I sent, as well as photos of one of the actual finished products (and packaging) Sadly, I have not been able to locate the art for Jim Lewis, Jane& Brian Henson, and Steve Whitmire. If I do manage to find them, I'll post them.

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