Monday, July 16, 2012

Salem News: First Two Rounds

Basically it's this: A small business got a whopping HUGE phone bill due to Hackers breaking into his account. The big telecommunications company that handles his account acknowledges that he was the victim of fraud, but demand he pay up anyways, using bullying, a lawsuit, and a warning not say "disparaging things about the company to the press". Well, the man refused to be victimized further.. he filed a countersuit, them gave his story to the local paper. publicity first got to the point that the company tried A "Well drop OUR suit if you drop YOURS-FIRST!" Then the company announced that they would be dropping their suit. But that doesn't mean it's over yet, and the man is keeping his countersuit due to all the harassment and legal bills they forced him to run up.. The cartoons showed here are based on that story. The FIRST was liked by my editor, but rejected- I found out you can't say "ASS" in a family newspaper- but the events of the next day made it a moot point, which led to the follow up cartoon, which the news printed 07/16/2012. Still waiting to see the next round.

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