Sunday, May 9, 2010

Muppet Fanart:May 2010

The latest fanart I did for some of the characters may not be so familar to you this time around. I used characters based om Muppets BEFORE Sesame street, ones Henson used in commercials, advertising, and even his own local TV show, SAM AND FRIENDS.
1: Sesame Street's LITTLE BIRD. Little Bird was originally used for a commercial for EASY-BAKE OVEN by the now defenct KENNER TOYS.He was meant to represent the company's mascot, THE KENNER GOONEY BIRD,which is seen in the company logo on the right.
2: THE LaCHOY DRAGON was one of Henson's earliest'full-body'muppets-preceding BIG BIRD- and was used to promote LaChoy Chinese food products, knocking over grocery shelves and setting everything on fire.
3: SIR LINIT was a marionette henson built for a commericial for an fabric treatment spray called LINIT.He would spray some of the product on clothing,and then iron the clothing using his iron feet, gliding around the fabric like an ice-skater.
4: SAM THE FIRST was a wacom tablet experiment using one of Henson's first charcters, the titular SAM from the show SAM AND FRIENDS.I call it Sam the "FIRST" because later on Henson came up with SAM the Eagle and SAM the Robot.
5: YORICK AS PAC-MAN. Yorick, a little purple skull-like creature was pretty much the first "Muppet Monster" Described by Jane Henson as a "Living Appetite" given that and the fact he's basicaaly just a head with a big mouth, it seemed apt to put him in the "Pac-Man"role, complete with Kermit-like Ghost Monsters.(Yes, Kermit was part of SAM AND FRIENDS, TOO)
The rest I think you can figure out on your own..

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