Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The next chapter of my unpublished JACK O'SPADE. This section is pretty much my favorite part of the story, as I love how the interaction between these three came out. Some of you may remember the bat design from my MA KABRE series I had posted earlier. This actually predates the usage in KABRE by some time. Again, the bat was based on a puppet character I had made, and I decided to use it when I needed some sort of method for Palimino to keep track of Jack, given that there is no real technology in the Horse world. I decided to use the bat, and named him Cain, as he would be a betrayer in his role as spy.(I suppose I could have named him Judas, but I digress) Brigadier General Rudyard Naja was a tip of the hat to Rudyard Kipling, who did one of my favorite stories, RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI. I've always had a fascination for snakes, (Though I admit I wouldn't really want to be around any-plus I believe that snakes should NOT be kept as pets) and part of my concept for JACK O'SPADE was there would be a three-way power struggle, between the Horses, the "savages" (lions, Tigers, Bears, Boars, Gators.. the basic predators) who rely on fangs, claws, and outright aggression, and the Snakes. The Snakes would almost be the ninjas of the groups, relying more on stealth. They would be in two classes, the Constrictors,(for out and out brutality) and the Vipers. (fast and venomous) One of the reasons I didn't go past this first story (still two more parts to go) is that despite all these details, I couldn't figure out how to make this whole mess work!! I admit my writing skills leave a LOT to be desired..Maybe I put TOO much into this..

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