Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome To My New But rather Still Under Construction Blog!

Hello, My name is Chris Smigliano, and I'm a cartoonist..Not a famous one, not a steadily working one, and definitely not a rich one, but still a cartoonist, nonetheless..Aside from the occassional freelance job, I've also been doing the strip FOR ART'S SAKE for the nationally -distributed COMICS BUYERS GUIDE for the last 15-odd years and have been doing local issue cartoons for THE SALEM (MA) NEWS for the last eight. I'm not the most open person around, but in this blog, I'd like to be able to share my works and opinions with you, old and new! (The above cartoon is from the latest COMIC'S BUYER'S GUIDE , a tribute to the recently departed comics writer and creator of Howard the Duck, the great STEVE GERBER. )

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